Fall 2020 Classes Begin August 26th

Join us for Skate Science Wednesdays in Miami/Dade and
Skate Science Fridays in Broward



Surf-Skate-Science is a weekly homeschool class that is designed to enrich your child’s school curriculum, our co-op classes offer physical activity through surf and skate lessons. Plus, participants will also learn the science involved in Action Sports including marine biology, environmental science, physics and more.



It's a fact... kids just learn more when learning is hands- on and they are having fun. Our co-op classes offer active learning opportunities where kids can learn the science behind activities they love. This is what we call Action Science.

Each week we wil learn the Science of Surfing or Skateboarding. In our surf science classes, you will learn the science behind waves and get to know our local marine life. We will even visit a local shaper and get an inside look at how a surfboard is made. On our skate science weeks, jump on a board and learn the science of skateboarding. You will also learn the process of how a skateboard is created and even get a chance at making a skateboard deck of you own as we dive into the science and design of a skate deck.

Students become not just skaters in a park or surfers in the water but scientists taking about motion, Newton's laws, simple machines, and the environment.

Homeschool Class are held on in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties

Surf Skate Science Fall 2020


Miami Skate Science Dates

Lot 11 Skatepark

Dates to Be Announced

Miami Skate Science @ Lot 11 Skatepark - Fall 2020 Session Begins in August
Aug 26, 10:30 AM
Lot 11 (Tentative)

Broward Skate Science Dates
Betti Stradling Skatepark

Dates to Be Announced

Broward Surf Science Dates
Island Water Sports

Dates to Be Announced

Broward Surf Skate Science - Fall 2020
Aug 28, 10:30 AM
Email for location


  • Classes are targeted for students from 4th-9th grade. Students will be grouped according to ages and understanding level.

  • Surfboards and skateboards will be available for use, but students may bring their own.

  • Parents are encouraged to participate.

  • Students will participate in hands-on experiments, beach activities, surf and skate. All skill levels will be accommodated for. Water sports will take place in lifeguard supervised areas only.

  • Students are encouraged to bring water in a reusable and refillable bottle.

  • Wear Sunscreen.

  • On skate days, please wear appropriate footwear.

  • Students over 16 can register as student leaders for a reduced rate. Email info@surfskatecience.com for details and application.






  • $20 per class*

  • $250 for entire semester - 14 classes**

  • $150 for just surf or skate - 7 classes***


  • $25 per class*

  • $300 for entire semester - 14 classes**

  • $175 for just surf or skate - 7 classes***



  • Additional $25 supply fee for entire semester, includes custom made skate deck from Create-A-Skate (Spring Semester) and project based labs (fall semester) *Lab Fees are payable on 1st day of class and will be invoiced through Paypal

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