Spring 2022 Registration is Now Open

(Spring Focus - Physics, Engineering, Architecture & Design)

We offer Skate Science in Miami and Coral Springs. Surf Science is offered in North Broward only. However, may families travel from Miami to join us for surf.

Sessions are broken up by age to help facilitate learning and socialization.

Although some sessions are currently full, we encourage you to register for our wait list. We will do our best to clear wait lists so that all families may participate.

Please note: Surf Skate Science is a co-op and fees collected go to supplies, rentals, coach fees, and operating expenses only. We welcome the participation of parents and older siblings with a proper background check. As a co-op we work cooperatively with our families to achieve common goals for our kids and love your input.

Surf Skate Science - Spring Semester 2022
January - May 2022
Email for location

Tentative Spring 2022 Schedule
(subject to change)

Friday Broward Elementary Surf or Skate Science 10:30am-12pm

Friday Broward Middle/High Surf or Skate Science 12pm - 1:30pm

Wednesday Surf Science Mixed Ages

Wednesday Dade Elementary Skate Science

Wednesday Dade Middle/High Skate Science
12pm - 1:30pm

Week 1: Skate

Wednesday, Jan 5 (Miami-Dade)

Friday, Jan 7 (Broward)


Week 2: Surf

Wednesday, Jan 13 (Broward)

Friday, Jan 15 (Broward)


Week 3: Skate

Wednesday, Jan 19 (Miami-Dade)

Friday, Jan 21 (Broward)


Week 4: Surf

Wednesday, Jan 26 (Broward)

Friday, Jan 28 (Broward)


Week 5: Skate

Wednesday, Feb 2 (Miami-Dade)

Friday, Feb 4 (Broward)

Week 6: Surf

Wednesday, Feb 9 (Broward)

Friday, Feb 11 (Broward)


Week 7: Skate

Wednesday, Feb 16 (Miami-Dade)

Friday, Feb 18 (Broward)

Week 8: Surf

Wednesday, Feb 23 (Broward)

Friday, Feb 25 (Broward)


Week 9: Skate

Wednesday, March 2 (Miami-Dade)

Friday, March 4 (Broward)


Week 10: Surf

Wednesday, March 9 (Broward)

Friday, March 11 (Broward)


No class March 14-25 Spring Break


Week 11: Skate

Wednesday, March 30 (Miami-Dade)

Friday, April 1 (Broward)


Week 12: Surf

Wednesday, April 6 (Broward)

Friday, April 8 (Broward)


No class April 11-15 Spring Break


Week 13: Surf

All Class Friday, April 22  - Earth Day Beach Cleanup & Hydrofoil Demo Day


Week 14: Skate

Wednesday, April 27 (Miami-Dade)

Friday, April 29 (Broward)


Surf-Skate-Science is a weekly homeschool class that is designed to enrich your child’s school curriculum, our co-op classes offer physical activity through surf and skate lessons. Plus, participants will also learn the science involved in Action Sports including marine biology, environmental science, physics and more.



It's a fact... kids just learn more when learning is hands- on and they are having fun. Our co-op classes offer active learning opportunities where kids can learn the science behind activities they love. This is what we call Action Science.

Each week we wil learn the Science of Surfing or Skateboarding. In our surf science classes, you will learn the science behind waves and get to know our local marine life. We will even visit a local shaper and get an inside look at how a surfboard is made. On our skate science weeks, jump on a board and learn the science of skateboarding. You will also learn the process of how a skateboard is created and even get a chance at making a skateboard deck of you own as we dive into the science and design of a skate deck.

Students become not just skaters in a park or surfers in the water but scientists taking about motion, Newton's laws, simple machines, and the environment.

Homeschool Class are held in Miami-Dade and North Broward/South Palm Beach Counties


  • Students will be grouped according to ages and understanding level.

  • Learning encompasses all ages with expanded lessons to learn more at home.

  • Surfboards and skateboards will be available for use, but students may bring their own.

  • Parents are encouraged to participate.

  • Students will participate in hands-on experiments, beach activities, surf and skate. All skill levels will be accommodated for. Water sports will take place in lifeguard supervised areas only.

  • Students are encouraged to bring water in a reusable and refillable bottle.

  • Wear Sunscreen.

  • On skate days, please wear appropriate footwear..







  • $350 for entire semester - 14 classes

  • $275 for skate science - 7 classes

  • $275 for surf science - 7 classes


  • $400 for entire semester - 14 classes

  • $300 for skate science - 7 classes

  • $300 for surf science - 7 classes



Class includes surfboards, loaner skaters (limited in quantity), class/lab materials and lab fees.

Siblings and parents will be an additional cost if they would like to attend any of our special field trip opportunities.

Can't Join Our Weekly Surf Skate Science Classes?

We also offer:

Private & Group Lessons
On-Demand Video Learning

Skate Camp & Surf Camp with Island Camps

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