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Partner Microschools

Looking for a comprehensive solution for your child, tween or teen's schooling? Microschools are a contemporary version of the old one-room schoolhouse. Microschool are typically a small group of students getting together every day, setting goals, and working on fun projects, all with one ore more caring adult mentors cheering them on. These microschools come in all sorts of flavors, like your neighborhood mom-and-pop setup, a homeschool group, or even a small private school. Some have a physical spot where they meet up, while others meet at a park, community center or online. But no matter how they're set up, the bottom line is this: they're all about making learning personal and fun in a cozy, supportive environment. They are a great alternative. Here in South Florida, we are stoked to partner with several micro schools who attend Surf and/or Skate Science each week as part of their programming. 

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