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Surf Skate Science is a project of Christian Skaters Inc.


We understand the struggle


It's a fact... kids just learn more when learning is hands-on and they are having fun. Our

coop classes offer active learning opportunities where kids can learn the science behind activities they love.


Learn the science of surfing

You will learn the science behind waves and get to know our local marine life. We will even visit a local

shaper and get an inside look at how a surfboard is made.

Learn the science of skateboarding

Create your own skateboard deck, learn how a skateboard is created, and find out what science has to do

with landing a trick.

At our classes, students are not just skaters in a park or surfers in the water but scientists talking about

motion, Newton's laws, simple machines, and the environment. 

The Instructors


Toni is a homeschool mom who has taught Create-A-Skate for over 15 years. She has also hosted classes at local schools

Lab & Curriculum Coordinator

Toni Frallicciardi

that include slimy science, kids gardening, steam classes, hour-of-coding, marking, entrepreneurship and Wordpress. Her classes have been held at museums, schools, skateparks and community centers. She has also helped run skateparks for over a decade and a half and trains others to use sports as a way to mentor others. Toni went to school for Ocean Engineering and is passionate about sharing her love of science and art with the next generation.


Tom is our surf coach. He graduated from FAU in 2017 for  architecture and works in the field. Tom also owns his own

Surf Coach

Tom Korzen

surfboard company called Zen surfboards. Here he shapes boards in a local Deerfield Beach factory. Tom has been teaching beginners to surf for many years with Island Water Sports and their camps. He also teaches private lessons. Tom will go through the basics with the students, starting with ground school, then gets them in the water and standing up on a board.


Ulises is a homeschool dad. He  built and ran Ramp 48 Skatepark for over 15 years. He created and ran their Ramp Camp

Director of Fun

Ulises Frallicciardi

program and has created programs for parks around the world. Locally he has worked with venues like Young at Art, Young Arts Foundation, the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science, Skate Free Florida, and various City parks. Uli has also traveled around the world sharing his expertise and ramp building skillls in places like Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Colombia, Panama, etc. He loves to show youth that they can achieve more than they often think possible.


Zion is a local homeschooled students. He is currently dual-enrolled at Atlantic tech where he studies drafting. He has been

Skate Coach

Zion Frallicciardi

skateboarding since he could walk and teaching others to skate. His experience includes working with Ramp 48, City of Boca, Island Camps, All Out Skateboarding, RTD skatepark and has also traveled around the world to teach kids in Europe, South American and even Africa. Zion also helps with the art side of Create-A-Skate as he is an emerging local artist and clothing desginer.



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