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Surf Skate Science is a project of Christian Skaters Inc.


We understand the struggle


It's a fact... kids just learn more when learning is hands-on and they are having fun. Our

coop classes offer active learning opportunities where kids can learn the science behind activities they love.


Learn the science of surfing

You will learn the science behind waves and get to know our local marine life. We will even visit a local

shaper and get an inside look at how a surfboard is made.

Learn the science of skateboarding

Create your own skateboard deck, learn how a skateboard is created, and find out what science has to do

with landing a trick.

At our classes, students are not just skaters in a park or surfers in the water but scientists talking about

motion, Newton's laws, simple machines, and the environment. 



2019 Sheckler Foundation - Be the Change Recipient

2022 Everglades Gold Level Champion School

2022 Stand Together Catalyst Cohort

2020 - 2023 Vela Education Fund Grant Recipient

2021 - 2023 Everglades Champion School

2021 & 2022 Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Grant Recipient

2021 & 2022 EDiscover Engineering Week Grant Recipinet

2023 JW Bailey Foundation Grant Recipient STEM

2024 Broward Community Foundation Grant Recipient STEM

2024 UM FINS Girls in Shark Science

2024 STEM UM Shark Science Grant

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