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  • What is Surf Skate Science?
    Surf Skate Science is a program of Christian Skaters Inc. designed to teach science through Action Sports. Currently we operate as a homeschool co-op meeting as groups of families at local parks. We hope to someday bring this program to others through partnerships with schools, parks, camps and more. All students are invited to join our program regardless of faith, race, gender or ability. Our hope is to share that each student is valued as a unique individual and show each student their potential.
  • What ages can attend?
    Our "Active Learning Classes" are appropriate for K - 12. Students will work with students in their age group on labs. As a co-op, parents are encouraged, We recommend that younger students (K - 2) are have parent or sibling support. Our virtual learning labs will share appropriate grade levels. Our skateboarding clinics are open to all ages.
  • What is provided for students?
    Instruction & Labs Guest Speakers Field Trips Labs Use of surfboards, skateboards and helmets for those who do not have their own Fun!!!!
  • Are discounts available for students?
    Yes! Our hope is to make classes as affordable as possible. We offer early registration and multiple class discounts We offer a 10% Sibling Discount Get 25% the cost of the course off if your parent volunteers *Please note that discounts can not be combined
  • Have additional questions?
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