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Skateboard Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Grip, Hardware Truck Package


Havoc Trucks are made from an aluminum alloy which makes for a strong and a light truck. Using the same aluminum alloy as some of the higher-priced brands, Havoc will work just a good at a fraction of the price! Havoc Trucks are a great fit for most deck sizes and fit the common sizes of wheels — these 5” trucks pair best with decks between 7.4” and 8” in width. Using their signature mold, these trucks are designed with the skater in mind! 52mm 99A are the perfect wheels for both street and park skating. Includes everything you need to build your deck! 1 Sheet of Griptape, 2 Havoc Trucks, 4 52mm Black Wheels, 8 Economy Bearings, and 1" Phillips Hardware.


Various Colors Available

Create-A-Skate Truck Set

Color Trucks
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