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Skatepark Design - Streetdome Denmark

In 2014 Glifberg+Lykke teamed up with Danish studios CEBRA and created an igloo-shaped street sports centre and a skate park on the harbour front of Haderslev, Denmark.

Streetdome Denmark
"CEBRA's domed sports centre houses facilities for street basketball, skateboarding, parkour and bouldering, while Glifberg+Lykke's 4,500-square-metre skate park is carved out of a concrete landscape behind."

According to the design team, the dome appears to be "growing out of the concrete landscape like a mushroom".

Streetdome Skatpark Denmark
"Glifberg+Lykke divided the outdoor skating and BMX area into three sections, including a "street plaza" that replicates obstacles found around urban areas, a "flow section" where skaters can work on their transitions, and a "park section" with ditches and banks."

Glifberg - Lykke frequently design from theory that skateparks should be a natural part of its surroundings. "This we like to call a “Skateboarding Space”. A skateboarding space should not be perceived as a foreign element in its environment but as an integrated part of the city’s surrounding architecture. The interaction between a skatepark and its surrounding area through a skateboarding space will then be perceived as a sculptural experience by the user as well as by the outside viewer."

Gifberg - Lykke believes that "a space created for skateboarding should invite and create social connections between many of the related unorganized sports and social groups."

"Faceted green and white panels rise up one side to create a climbing wall with various grades of difficulty."

Thus, this space combines outside skate areas, indoor bowls, a climbing wall, areas for spectators and more. They have personally seen how important community is within skateboarding.

About the Team

Rune Glifberg, is a professional skateboarder, designer and founder at Glifberg - Lykke.

Rune is one of the world’s absolute best skaterboarders. For the past 20 years of his career, Rune has been blessed to skate some of the world’s best skateparks. In 2012, Rune moved back to Denmark after living in California for 17 years.

Since moving back to Denmark, Rune has devoted a large amount of his time into designing and creating skateparks in Denmark.

Ebbe Lykke is a designer MDD, architect, skateboarder and founder at Glifberg - Lykke.

Ebbe has a degree in cabinet making and is also an educated designer from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. In addition to this, Ebbe has also been a guest student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Ebbe also has a Master in Design, MD, from Karch. Since 2003, Ebbe has had his own independent design company where he has worked with his own products as well as working as an independent consultant for other designers and architects.

Concept Drawings of Streetdome

Conceptual Layout of Streetdome site

Concept Drawing of Dome Interior

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