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Pi Day Activities You Can Do At Home

Why is pi important to science? Well we know most surfers and skaters love a good pizza pi, but did you know that if you divide the circumference of a wheel on a skateboard by its diameter and you get 3.14 (known as pi in the science world).

The same works when you divide the circumference of the planet Mars by its diameter and you get 3.14. Divide the circumference of the known universe by its diameter — you get the point. As one mathematician put it, "Pi is part of the nature of the circle."

So in celebration of Pi day we have listed some great Pi Day Deals on our Instagram. But, here are same great, fun ways to learn about pi at home (while you eat that pizza or dessert that you just scored on).


Love art? Since pi has everything to do with circles, find as many circular lids as you can around the house, a paper, and some colored pencils and use only circle to create a drawing. You ca eve try crating famous pieces of art using circles.

Love architecture? Find out about these famous circular buildings.

Be like Einstein. So what does Einstein have to do with Pi Day. #1 He was born on 3/14 #2 He was one of the greatest STEAM scientists of all times. Learn more about Einstein here. Watch this fun video (click here) to learn more about Einstein then watch this to learn more about the theory of relativity.

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