Intro to Architecture & Drafting through Skatepark Design
Jul 27, 10:00 AM EDT

July 6-10 Create A Skate: Design A Skateboard

Learn the Science Behind the Design of a Skateboard Deck with Create-A-Skate

Elementary: 10am-11am EST
Junior/Senior High: 11am-12pm EST

Join Surf Skate Science July 6-10 for our Virtual Edition of Create-a-Skate. This class is limited to 10 students. We will offer one session for elementary and one session for junior and senior high. Students will learn how skateboards are created and dive into the STEAM behind skateboards. Then they will design their very own skateboard deck. Students will receive materials by mail and meet by zoom for 5 days (Elementary 10-11am and older students 11-Noon).

$150 with deck only
$190 with wheels/trucks/bearings/hardware/grip

Please Note: Shipping and most supplies included in the continental US.
Students will need to purchase clear coat and paint if they choose to use a medium other than permanent markers.

What can you learn from creating a skateboard?
Most hands-on creative experiences provide a type of learning specifically distinct from basic abstractions or book-derived types of activity. In fact, the program provides students, and instructors, the opportunity to apply abstract concepts to a real-life object that most adolescents find to be very relevant to their lives.

Some of the scientific information presented in the program includes: Photosynthesis, botanical classifications, forestation, organic matter, cellular composition (expansion and contraction), geography, ecology, bio-zones, environmental studies, and recycling applications. Program also includes a link to

Mathematics is a key ingredient in the Create a Skate program, and includes: Weights and measurement (exactness), operations with fractions, operations with decimals, conversion, formulas, symmetry, ratios, and systems analysis.

Art and Design
A variety of techniques and applications are available and applicable to skateboard graphic designs. Paints, inks, dyes, transfers and other options are a few of the seemingly endless possibilities for each student to personalize their own Create a Skateskateboard deck.

Recreation—Health benefits
Skateboarding is a healthy activity promoting an active lifestyle. Real life skateboarding, as opposed to the video game type of ‘activity,’ can exercise all the major muscle groups—think of skateboarding as aerobic conditioning in an adolescent-acceptable format. Tony Hawk has been recruited to serve on the State of California’s Physical Fitness board.

Skateboarding Safety
With more than 12 million skateboarders in the United States skateboarding ranks in the top three of ‘active sports’ for participant numbers. However, despite the perception that skateboarding is ‘dangerous,’ it ranks close to the bottom of the list in actual numbers being injured. Why? It’s simple, most skateboarders, approximately 85%, are recreational users, and aren’t skateboarding over the Great of Wall of China or across the Grand Canyon! Today’s complicated and highly technical modern-era skateboarding tricks are mainly limited to the professional skateboarders popularized in today’s youth culture.

Additionally, legislative changes throughout the United States over the past 15 years have made it possible for many communities to develop public skateparks. The result is that today’s skateboarders typically have a safe place to skateboard while also wearing appropriate safety equipment. Many of these skateparks also provide beginning skateboarders with instructional clinics, allowing beginners to learn the basics of skateboarding under the direction of professional skateboarders or qualified counselors.

June 27-31 to Architecture & Drafting through Skatepark Design

Ages 10-17

Students will learn the basics of architectural drafting, landscape design, layout, flow, skatepark feature, and more in this week long virtual camp. Each student will receive a beginners drafting kit by mail and participate in daily zoom lessons with Certified Architectural Drafter and Skateboarder Zion Frallicciardi.

Zoom class each day from 10am-11am

Cost: $150 Includes all Materials and Certificate of Completion

Intro to Architecture & Drafting through Skatepark Design
Jul 27, 10:00 AM EDT


Join us this summer for our virtual summer camps for middle and high school students. We will also continue to share FREE learning opportunities and more virtual careers days. Stay tuned for updates.

Surf Skate Science is a homeschool meetup in South Florida. We have loved making science active by meeting at local skate and surf spots to learn about science with hands-on activities then skating or surfing together to apply the science we learn in the park or on a wave. As almost 100% of families around the world turn to home education, we (as homeschoolers) as also adjusting to "social distancing" (homeschoolers thrive on getting out and learning with other families) and the new norm of sitting in front of a screen way more than we normally like to. We will continue to share opportunities from Surf Skate Science and other organizations we love throughout the summer in hopes to inspire students to learn STEAM through Action Sports.

Join us for in person camp, virtual lessons, learning labs, and more.

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