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So, you are considering homeschooling...

So, you are thinking about homeschooling? With all of this uncertainty during CoVID, we do not blame you for looking at alternative options.

Our family started homeschooling as one was going into high school, one in middle school, and the other in elementary. I remember say, “I will NEVER homeschool”. I had heard all the misconceptions:

·       “Homschoolers are weird.”

·       “They will not have friends.”

·       “They will not learn enough.”

·       “How will they get into college?”

And, honestly I did not think I was quipped emotionally to teach them all day and thought I was not skilled enough and might sell them short. My kids were going to a great private school, but life had other plans. In hindsight, homeschooling was the best choice we ever made. Our oldest graduates from Palm Beach Atlantic this winter. She attended with a full academic scholarship and has continues to get straight A’s throughout college. Our middle child graduated high school as a certified architectural drafter and is now on a full academic scholarship to Florida Atlantic University for Architecture. And our youngest is a normal 13-year-old with a passion for animation. He has some great friends and participates in sports and more as a homeschooler. I contribute their success to a ton of prayer and how homeschooling has allowed them to learn independently and explore their passions.

So, if you are considering home education in Florida, we want to help!  

Besides wondering if you kids will be weird, you may have some genuine concerns about how it actually works. What curriculum will you use? Do they still have to take standardized tests? Will you have any support along the way?

We want you to feel confident in your choice to start homeschooling in Florida! So, over the next few weeks we will be adding resources daily to guide you through the journey.

Have more questions? Email us!



How to get started. Everything you need to start homeschooling in the tri-county area.



From curriculum, to free resoures and exclusive home-school discounts.



You are not in it alone. Here are some places to get support in the journey.

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