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FREE Marine Science Lessons

Powered by Guy Harvey Foundation

Dive into the world of marine science with the Guy Harvey Foundation’s 2024-25 Education Catalog! These FREE courses, including key topics like Marine Plastics, the Guy Harvey Collections, and cutting-edge STEAM content as a perfect resource to instill a love of the ocean and conservation of these incredible habitats. This resource is designed to inspire and educate the next generation of marine scientists. Explore now and make waves in your educational journey!


About Guy Harvey's Education Collection

Educational  resources are standard-based & state approved marine science curriculums, teacher accredited programs with international distribution platforms and endorsed by Florida Department of Education. They fall under four catagories: marine animals, marine plastics, marine environment & coral reefs. They include our Guy Harvey Collections which include classroom presentations, teacher guides, and lesson plans for free thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Brightmark, Florida Power & Light, SeaWorld Education, Norwegian Cruise Line, National Parks Conservation Association and our Explorer Series with Ocean First Education which includes videos & interactive activities. The success of this program shows in our stats: 4.6 semesters completed since 1997, 1 million+ online students, 5+ million teachers.


Art, Math, and Science educators developed grade banded lessons that support true STEAM learning. Dr. Harvey’s art is the “anchor” that holds the entire process together. Students will be using Guy Harvey’s real-life experiences to develop an understanding of the how and the why using the exciting topic of Sharks. The lessons combine videos and artwork that guide students through learning science and math through an art lens. Teacher currated materials for K through 5th grade with Teacher Guides, Lesson Plans, & Classroom Presentations.


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