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Dive into Shark Science with Surf Skate Science!

Are you passionate about marine science and eager to learn more about the fascinating world of sharks? We are so excited to have the opportunty to launch our Shark Science Adventure programs in collaboration with Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and the University of Miami (UM).

These unique programs offer hands-on shark tagging experiences alongside some of the top shark scientist in the World. We have also launch co-operative curriculum to deepen each student's learning at home before and after their trip.

Plus, Surf Skate Science actively seeks grants to support lower-income families and help close the STEM gap in South Florida, encouraging more girls and minorities to pursue marine science.

General Trip Details

  • One-Day Research Trip: Held in Miami for UM and Fort Lauderdale/Dania for NSU.

  • Work with Shark Researchers: Collect scientific data, take fin clips, tag sharks, and measure their lengths.

  • Hands-On Experience: Deploy and retrieve fishing gear, interact with various shark species including blacktip, bonnethead, bull, lemon, hammerhead, nurse, sandbar, and tiger sharks.

  • Year-Round Learning: Students take an active role in real scientific projects, learning about the scientific method and contributing to shark conservation.

The Impact of Hands-On Learning

Citizen Science and Shark Tagging: The Nationwide Cooperative Shark Tagging Program, the oldest citizen science initiative in NOAA Fisheries, has tagged over 300,000 sharks and recaptured more than 18,000. This data is crucial for understanding shark migration, stock structure, and conservation needs. Through our partnerships, students directly contribute to this important research, providing real-life scientific data while gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

Inspiring Future Scientists: Hands-on learning is powerful. When students work directly with marine scientists and handle sharks, the experience goes beyond textbooks. They see, touch, and understand the science in a way that ignites passion and curiosity. This method bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, making the subject matter more engaging and memorable.

Personal Stories: The transformative impact of our program is best illustrated through the experiences of our students:

  • Nicole Arroyo, 16: "I’m so grateful I was able to experience this. Everything about this trip was incredible and thrilling. The hands-on activities made this trip memorable."

  • Eloise Coldwell, 15: "This opportunity was a dream come true. I've always loved sharks, and this experience reinforced my desire to become a marine biologist."

  • Neela Barberousse, 11: "The trip was amazing. My favorite part was touching and measuring the huge Nurse Shark. This experience will stay with me forever."

  • Genesis Jackson, 12: "Shark tagging was surreal! It’s an eye-opening experience that shows what being a marine biologist is like."

Genesis's Journey: From Dreams to Reality

Genesis, a bright and curious 12-year-old, grew up fascinated by ocean life, especially sharks. But, her dreams of exploring marine biology seemed distant. Through a grant provided by the Community Foundation of Broward, the UM FiINS Program and Canon Cameras, Genesis joined a shark tagging expedition with Surf Skate Science and the University of Miami. This life-changing experience transformed her fascination into hands-on learning. Meeting inspiring scientists, seeing pregnant sharks via ultrasound, and touching a tagged tiger shark fueled her passion. Girls like Genesis can now envision a future in marine science, thanks to the support and opportunities provided by our program and our partners.

Call to Participate and Donate

Join us on July 11th for an unforgettable experience! Participants will work alongside professional shark scientists, contributing to vital research and conservation efforts. This program is covered by the Step Up for Students PEP Scholarship and Florida Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities.

Register and Donate:

Help Us Make a Difference

Imagine the ripple effect your support can create. By donating to our scholarship fund, you help provide life-changing experiences that inspire and empower students like Genesis. Your contributions make it possible for young minds to explore, learn, and dream big. Thank you for believing in our mission and helping us cultivate a future where every child has the opportunity to reach for the stars, no matter where they come from.

Contact Information: For more information, contact Toni Frallicciardi, Founder, at

Join us in celebrating marine science and fostering a love for our oceans!

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